What is 121 Services?

Essentially, we’re a small professional services company with buckets and buckets of XMPie know-how.

Our specialty is the production and optimization for new and existing Variable Data Publishing campaigns. 121 Services represents all things XMPie including: File Preparation, Logic Programming, File Optimization, Workflow Analysis, Knowledge Sharing, Cross Media Publishing, and Web2Print setup and maintenance. Think of 121 Services as an independent contractor or consultant whose sole purpose is to help you succeed with XMPie.

Our business model is simple:

We provide Professional Services on demand for XMPie customers across US and Canada.

Our 100+ satisfied customers in the USA & Canada have found our flexible model both cost effective and extremely efficient. We simply fill the gaps in our customer’s org charts by assisting with one or more disciplines required to deliver a complete solution. Most of all we help our customers push the limits of their capabilities, they can increase their service offering to the end clients. Chances are very good that you know one of our happy customers.

Our approach is unique:

Our team is an extension of your team for both today & tomorrow (or for as long as you need us).

Most professional services companies prefer projects with clean start and stop dates with a single line on the invoice. Our approach is the opposite. We seamlessly integrate with your team to accomplish the tasks in the most efficient and cost effective method possible. If the most cost effective method is to cut our services from the workload, we’re the first ones to suggest the option. Since our knowledge base spans multiple disciplines, we often provide assistance across multiple projects simultaneously. As a result, we’re willing to roll up our sleeves on any sized task, but only where it makes ROI sense.

Our motivation is unexpected:

At the core of everything we do is “love”.

“Love” is the last word that anyone would expect to find on a professional services company’s website, but it is true. We love digital technology. We love Web2Print for all of the efficiency and positive environmental impact. We love Cross Media because we feel that everyone deserves a personalized communication path. We love helping our customers to create stronger relationships with their clients. Most of all, we love the fact that every day we help others to learn and succeed with XMPie solutions. If you still don’t believe, try reading some of our Customer Testimonials.