Out-of-the-box web stores can be profitable if configured correctly

Web2Print is certainly not a new idea, nor is it a simple task. There are many components in a Web2Print store including: Site design, User management, Job management, Template setup, Production (and maintenance for all of these items).

The not so obvious components are: the logic behind the templates, the re-usability of objects, the store configurations, job aggregation, and of course, xml job ticket transfers to back end systems.

You are in luck because we can design, build, and maintain any of these components with storefronts like XMPie’s uStore. In fact, we’ve built thousands of Web2Print templates ranging from print/ship, print/mail, email and even cross media templates which combine multiple output channels.

The key component to making a Web2Print store profitable is to minimizing friction and to maximize communication.

Make the most of the learning curve surrounding Web2Print

  • Did you purchase a Web2Print store, but you are not utilizing it as much as you planned?
  • From template building to store configurations, we can cover the gamut of the online print procurement market.
  • There are many cases to use an out of the box solution and there are many lessons learned along the way.
  • Your team should not have to take the time to learn and with our services you can bypass the road blocks and avoid the potholes.


File preparation and design using advanced techniques

As one of the most important pieces in the VDP puzzle, Prepare provides VDP files built for both speed and agility. File preparation essentially consists of four equally important items: Design, Logic, Optimization and Reusability. Utilizing the power of Adobe InDesign and XMPie is one thing, leveraging that power is another story which takes finesse and experience.

Often times, a sales representative will land a job which is slightly outside of the skill set of your team. That is where we step in as an extended team member to accomplish the task. We will work with your team to prepare the files to run at YOUR site with YOUR software. Problem solved.

If any part of your VDP processing is not faster than your digital presses, you are losing money. Our campaigns are built from the ground up to run at rated speeds.

Building campaign files can be simple or extremely complex. Here are some examples:

  • Are there thousands of assets swapping out of one image location?
  • Does the document require advanced queries to create tables or even charts?
  • Can your team optimize a document by using object styles and formatted text assets?
  • Our team not only understands the techniques, but understands the workflow impact of one method over another.


Our training is actually molded around your live jobs.

Training curriculum is rarely geared to specific daily tasks. Share is a fresh approach to training. We concentrate on educating your staff with your campaigns in your environment. Think of it as advanced, pragmatic, interactive, and hands-on XMPie training.

We will provide your team with the tools to accomplish their daily tasks. Our training is designed to be a follow up to the standard training which you received from your Solutions Provider. We merely augment their standard training by providing clarity for the day-to-day questions which arise.

Believe it or not, the goal of our training is to enable your team to be self-sufficient.

  • Scheduled training from a syllabus is an excellent way to learn all of the material.
  • What happens when your sleeves are rolled up on a project and the software still won’t do exactly what you need it to do?
  • We take YOUR existing applications and concentrate on the tasks that your team needs to accomplish on a daily basis.
  • Think of our training as merely bullet points and a rough outline. It is totally interactive and at the pace of your staff.


A detailed analysis of an existing application will increase profitability.

There are few individuals in the VDP industry that can see all of the moving parts of a complex one-to-one marketing campaign. The entire process contains many small steps between concepts and completion. Each of these small steps provides a potential for a catastrophic disaster.

Enhance is a deep dive into the entire process with a keen eye on the production of the input and output files. We’ll roll up our sleeves in your existing workflow to uncover the upstream causes for your downstream bottlenecks.

Proper file design and logic are absolutely critical for driving output for on-time delivery. A tenth of a second per record can mean the difference between on-time and over-time.

Here is a little known secret in the VDP world: file optimization is the key to achieving ROI for ongoing VDP programs.

Optimization can mean the difference between on-time and over-time.

  • Not every workflow needs to analyzed, but sometimes 1/10 second per record can cause a job to miss a deadline.
  • The best candidates for enhancements are ongoing programs which have been running for years.
  • Over the life of a program, quick patches or sloppy coding can cause a program to grind to a halt.
  • If your entire process in not running faster than the rated speed of your printer, you are losing money.