A detailed analysis of an existing application will increase profitability.

There are few individuals in the VDP industry that can see all of the moving parts of a complex one-to-one marketing campaign. The entire process contains many small steps between concepts and completion. Each of these small steps provides a potential for a catastrophic disaster.

Enhance is a deep dive into the entire process with a keen eye on the production of the input and output files. We’ll roll up our sleeves in your existing workflow to uncover the upstream causes for your downstream bottlenecks.

Proper file design and logic are absolutely critical for driving output for on-time delivery. A tenth of a second per record can mean the difference between on-time and over-time.

Here is a little known secret in the VDP world: file optimization is the key to achieving ROI for ongoing VDP programs.

Optimization can mean the difference between on-time and over-time.

  • Not every workflow needs to analyzed, but sometimes 1/10 second per record can cause a job to miss a deadline.
  • The best candidates for enhancements are ongoing programs which have been running for years.
  • Over the life of a program, quick patches or sloppy coding can cause a program to grind to a halt.
  • If your entire process in not running faster than the rated speed of your printer, you are losing money.