File preparation and design using advanced techniques

As one of the most important pieces in the VDP puzzle, Prepare provides VDP files built for both speed and agility. File preparation essentially consists of four equally important items: Design, Logic, Optimization and Reusability. Utilizing the power of Adobe InDesign and XMPie is one thing, leveraging that power is another story which takes finesse and experience.

Often times, a sales representative will land a job which is slightly outside of the skill set of your team. That is where we step in as an extended team member to accomplish the task. We will work with your team to prepare the files to run at YOUR site with YOUR software. Problem solved.

If any part of your VDP processing is not faster than your digital presses, you are losing money. Our campaigns are built from the ground up to run at rated speeds.

Building campaign files can be simple or extremely complex. Here are some examples:

  • Are there thousands of assets swapping out of one image location?
  • Does the document require advanced queries to create tables or even charts?
  • Can your team optimize a document by using object styles and formatted text assets?
  • Our team not only understands the techniques, but understands the workflow impact of one method over another.