Our training is actually molded around your live jobs.

Training curriculum is rarely geared to specific daily tasks. Share is a fresh approach to training. We concentrate on educating your staff with your campaigns in your environment. Think of it as advanced, pragmatic, interactive, and hands-on XMPie training.

We will provide your team with the tools to accomplish their daily tasks. Our training is designed to be a follow up to the standard training which you received from your Solutions Provider. We merely augment their standard training by providing clarity for the day-to-day questions which arise.

Believe it or not, the goal of our training is to enable your team to be self-sufficient.

  • Scheduled training from a syllabus is an excellent way to learn all of the material.
  • What happens when your sleeves are rolled up on a project and the software still won’t do exactly what you need it to do?
  • We take YOUR existing applications and concentrate on the tasks that your team needs to accomplish on a daily basis.
  • Think of our training as merely bullet points and a rough outline. It is totally interactive and at the pace of your staff.